Railroad Operations 

Railroad Operations
Railmark owns and operates Class III (Shortline) railroads
in the United States and Canada.

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New Jersey Division

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Detroit Terminal Railway Company
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Providing complete, efficient and integrated Industrial Switching Services.

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Railmark Canada Limited was formed as an Ontario Canada providential corporation to deliver the company's rail services and products to the world's third largest rail network and the U.S.'s largest trading partner. Railmark Canada Limited presently offers rail logistics services, environmentally-safe railroad industry products and mechanical services and will be following an aggressive organic growth and acquisition strategy, in both freight and passenger rail.

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Railmark Canada Limited is a fully certified and licensed rail carrier in Canada, having received the country's first ever "Railway Operating Certificate" under the government's new railway industry rules on March 31, 2015.

Railmark seeks to capitalize on the growing rail logistics and rail services demand in an area in Canada with access to approximately 70% of the Canadian population, primarily focusing its business and market strategy in Ontario, an area absent of professional, coordinated rail-centric logistics providers. Railmark's plan seeks to capitalize on a vibrant and growing Canadian economy, the large numbers of trucks crossing the borders to and from the U.S., the lack of sophisticated, market-oriented short line railroad operators and the increasing NAFTA trade. Railmark's presence in Michigan and with three key transloading locations allows the Company to offer its customers some unique rail logistics service combinations. Some other background numbers:
  • Michigan is the #1 state for loaded truck container crossings
  • Michigan is the #1 state for NAFTA truck trade, approximately $160B annually, presenting huge opportunities for rail transloading; both Canada and Michigan wants to see the trucks off the highways and onto rail
  • Canada has become a member of the European Free Trade Agreement (26 countries), seeing more traffic through the Port of Halifax with the potential for increased flows into the US. Even if the U.S. ever agrees to EUFTA participation, this route cuts a day off of transatlantic shipments.
  • 45%+ of all North America rail trade goes through Michigan
  • Port Huron is the #1 rail port in North America at $30B+
  • Detroit is the #3 rail port in North America at $21B+ and will increase once the new rail bridge is completed.
  • Some of Michigan's neighbors also have Canada as their largest international export partner. Indiana exports $12B annually to Canada.
  • Michigan's annual trade volume to and from Canada alone is $26B, representing 44% of all exports of Michigan goods and products. In 2012 Michigan's GDP was $400.5B, making Michigan the 13th largest economy within the U.S. In 2013 U.S. goods produced in Michigan was $58.4B, ranking Michigan 8th among U.S. states. Michigan's 2013 imports were $118.1B making Michigan the 6th largest importing state in the U.S. In other words, 44% of Michigan's economy is dependent upon foreign trade with Canada representing almost half.
Railmark Canada Limited's strategy is to take advantage of these trends and become the premier rail services and rail logistics provider in Ontario. Railmark seeks to acquire additional rail lines and rail transloading facilities in Ontario and integrate them with the Company's existing Michigan based operations, providing its U.S., Canadian and international customers with a seemless, integrated rail transportation network.

These Canadian rail operations consist of:
  • Development and operation of short line railroads in Canada
  • Provider of rail freight logistics in Canada
  • Provider of rail mechanical services in Canada
  • Provider of passenger rail services in Canada