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Rail Castings
Railmark offers high quality, "Made in the USA" castings using cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and manganese, in two general categories:

(1.) Railroad Track Accessories, including bolts/nuts/washers, braces, chocks, clips, details, joint bars, manganese frogs, switch point protectors, and wheel stops; and
(2.) Railcar & Locomotive Components including axle boxes, bearing brackets, bolsters, braking system components, center plates, door hinges, knuckles, knuckle pins, pedestals, re-railers, shunt blocks, truck & wheel assemblies, wheel hubs, and yokes.

Passenger Railcar Replacement Parts
Through RAILMARK RAIL SERVICES INC we offer the following new Passenger Railcar Replacement Parts:

Railcar Parts

NEW, AMTRAK Style Pedestal Liners (one Notched and one Solid) that go around the axle bearing box.

Railmark Part S-0093 – Solid Pedestal Liner
--Download Drawing

Railmark Part S-0094 – Notched Pedestal Liner
--Download Drawing

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